Vaginal "Yoni" Steaming

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Women's Reproductive Health

Vaginal steaming has been used for centuries to assist women with their reproductive health. Vaginal steaming uses steam to release the medicinal properties of the different herbal blends being used.

It has been used to treat conditions such as pH imbalance, fibroids, hot flashes, scar tissue, irregular cycles, PMS, infertility, post-partum and the list goes on.

At SOW & REAP Physical Therapy, we have 4 different herbal blends to help women achieve their goals. We determine which blend to use based on information gathered during your full cycle analysis, which is done on the first visit. A full cycle analysis is completed to determine if contraindications are present and which herbal blend to use.

Our provider has completed one of her certifications for vaginal steaming and is currently working on her second certification. This service is not covered by insurance. We do accept all major credit/debit cards.


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